Xbox HDMI Port repairs

Sick of seeing a blizzard, flickering images or worst no display at all? You could be having all-important port issues. We know how much this grinds your gears. At Xbox repairs whether we need to replace the HDMI port, re-solder a new port or rebuild the HDMI line we can stop that x-rated language from leaving your lips and get you back excelling on your Xbox in no time.

Xbox USB Port repairs

Bad connection? Controller not syncing? At Xbox repairs, we have seen it all from dodgy caps and filters to cats peeing in the port. We kid you not. Luckily it’s not time to lose your Xbox or your cat. We can fix all sorts of USB port mishaps and can replace USB ports, rebuild USB lines and solve any wifi antenna issues pronto.

Xbox HARD DRIVE Issues

Running out of space on your Xbox or other hard drive related issues? Get extreme amounts of new storage with an upgrade today and experience a new level of gaming capabilities. At Xbox repairs Brisbane we use high-quality NVME SSD’s in all our upgrades giving you the edge you need to trash your competition.

Xbox Crash problems

Just about to get into a good gaming sess with your mates on your Xbox when all of a sudden it crashes on you? More than extremely annoying but no need for the expletives! At Xbox repairs Brisbane we can fix OS-based error codes and rebuild databases for a smoother, less frustrating experience. Now that is eXtremely satisfying.

Xbox Power Loss

Just about to reach the next level of your favourite game when… boom, it crashes. You may feel like giving up and chucking the whole thing in the bin but hold on! Chuck us an email and get it sorted today. At Xbox repairs Brisbane we can fix thermal sensors, replace faulty power cards or give a more stable power line to stop your Xbox losing power.

Xbox Jammed drive

Discs not reading, have got stuck or just makes an extremely irritating clicking noise? Please don’t go to extremes. You would legit not believe the things we have found jammed in Whether we need to remove cards or coins, replace the laser or simply give it a good clean and reassemble Xbox repairs Brisbane will get your Xbox’s internal workings back to normal in no time.

Xbox Overheating

Is your Xbox heating up quicker than prawns on a barbie? Get you and your Xbox chilled out and fully functioning today by giving us a call. At Xbox repair Brisbane we can clean out or replace heat sinks, replace liquid metal if needed or remove pesky pet hair from the internal workings. Whatever the issue we can get you and your Xbox cooled down and back in the game.

Xbox No Power

Just settling down to play your favourite game on your Xbox when you find out is not even turning on when you press power or there is a loud pop and sparks appear? This is one of the more extreme Xbox related issues we see at Xbox repair Brisbane, but don’t expel your frustration just yet! We have seen all types of boot problems and have a solution for all of them. So instead of shouting x-rated language give us a shout and get it examined by professionals.

Xbox repairs Brisbane

Highly experienced professional staff

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Consoles are our speciality and there are few issues we haven’t come across and fixed in the past. Our experience means your console is in the very best of hands and will be back in your lounge room working beautifully in next to no time. From knowing error codes inside out to being able to listen to a disk drive to discover what is wrong, we know consoles.

Xbox repairs Brisbane

Repair warranty

We are proud to be one of the Brisbanes only console repair businesses and we are so confident in our knowledge and skills that we offer a 1 year repair warranty on any work we do! If this isn’t already enough we also give our customers an exact quote in 30 minutes (most issues can also be repaired in this time!). In the unlikely event we are unable to repair your console we do not charge you a cent.


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