Nintendo Switch screen repairs

We have all had issues with our screens whether that is due to smashed screens, weird colours or damaged LCD’s. Frustrating? Yes. unfixable? Definitely not. We can replace LCD and touchscreens if they are cracked and replace the entire LCD assembly if it is smashed or dented.

Nintendo Switch charging problems

If your switch is not charging or not showing on your TV the port could be damaged. This is a common issue and one we can easily fix! We can either replace the charge port if the pins have become damaged or replace the charge IC if the wrong charger has been used and has stopped it charging.

Nintendo Switch battery problems

There is nothing more frustrating than when your battery stops charging or only lasts a fraction of the time it used to. Whether the battery has expanded causing the back of the console to become squishy, if the console only turns on when connected to the charger or the battery life is simply short we are able to quickly replace the battery getting you gaming again quicker.

Nintendo Switch water damage

Splash! The sound you do not want to hear around your Nintendo switch. If the worst happens and your switch ends up submerged in water we are here to help. By removing grains of rice and replacing components damaged by corrosion to an ultrasonic clean of the main board, we can get your switch dried out, cleaned up and ready to go.

Nintendo Switch sync problems

Fed up with syncing issues? It can be super annoying when you are eagerly awaiting your next game. Luckily there are many ways we can solve this issue. From replacing the switch charge rail or the bluetooth antenna to replacing or reflowing the switch wifi chip, let syncing issues be a thing of the past and get back to your games.

Nintendo Switch touch screen problems

Is your touch screen unresponsive? Sometimes touch screens play up and although it is a pain in the backside it can be easily remedied. We can easily replace the touch screen of your switch if it is damaged or is simply no longer working. Get back to full speed now by giving us a call today.

Nintendo Switch controller problems

Joy-Con drift doing your head in? Switch owners have been experiencing issues with the removable joy-con controllers for years. Luckily we are here to help. If the analogue stick on your controller is randomly moving around or is stuck to right or left we are able to replace the thumbstick quickly and easily.

Nintendo Switch wifi problems

Wifi issues are always a pain but not connecting to the internet when you are attempting to play your favourite game is infuriating. Your poor connection issues can be solved today. Just get in touch and we can replace the wifi cables or replace or reflow the wifi chip if the switch won’t show the wifi connector.


Highly experienced professional staff

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Consoles are our speciality and there are few issues we haven’t come across and fixed in the past. Our experience means your console is in the very best of hands and will be back in your lounge room working beautifully in next to no time. From knowing error codes inside out to being able to listen to a disk drive to discover what is wrong, we know consoles.


Repair warranty

We are proud to be one of the Brisbanes only console repair businesses and we are so confident in our knowledge and skills that we offer a 1 year repair warranty on any work we do! If this isn’t already enough we also give our customers an exact quote in 30 minutes (most issues can also be repaired in this time!). In the unlikely event we are unable to repair your console we do not charge you a cent.


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