PS4 HDMI Port repairs

No display on your TV, flickering images or the dreaded blizzard? You could have port issues. Super frustrating but super common and easy for us to fix. At PS4 repairs Brisbane we can repair your HDMI port and get you back up and gaming in no time. Whether we need to replace the HDMI port, re-solder a new port or rebuild the HDMI line, we’ve got your back.


PS4 USB Port repairs

USB ports can be delicate little snowflakes, and there is nothing more annoying when your connection is crap or your controller won’t sync. At PS4 repairs Brisbane we have legit seen all sorts of USB port mishaps and can replace USB ports, rebuild USB lines and solve any wifi antenna issues pronto.


PS4 Hard Drive Upgrades

Take your gaming to a whole new level by upgrading your PS4 hard drive. Increase your storage capacity and improve all future gaming adventures by giving us a shout and upgrading today. We use high-quality HDD’s and can upgrade you to 1TB or 2TB giving you the edge you need to trash your competition.


PS4 Crash problems

Does your PS4 have a habit of crashing at the most inopportune moments? It is enough to drive anyone up the wall but no need to despair! At PS4 repairs Brisbane we can fix OS based on error codes and rebuild databases for a smoother, less frustrating experience. Get your PS4 looked at today and end all future gaming frustrations.


PS4 Power Loss

We have all been there. You are about to beat your own PB and are at the most crucial stage when your PS4 crashes. At PS4 repairs Brisbane we can fix thermal sensors, replace faulty power cards or give a more stable power line to stop your PS4 from losing power. So before you start chucking things around your lounge room, chuck us an email and get it sorted today.


PS4 Jammed drive

From stuck discs to all sorts of random crap clogging up the drive, we have seen it all and can give your PS4 a thorough cleanout. Whether that is removing cards, coins or cat hair, replacing the laser or simply giving it a good clean and reassemble at PS4 repairs Brisbane we are confident we can get your PS4’s internal workings back to normal in no time.


PS4 Overheating

Is your PS4 heating up quicker than a six-pack in the sun on a hot Brissy day? No need to let it raise your blood pressure. At PS4 repairs Brisbane we understand how annoying this can be and can clean out or replace heat sinks, replace liquid metal if needed or remove pesky pet hair from the internal workings. Whatever your overheating issue, we can chill you out and get you back online quicker.


PS4 No Power

Boot issues? And no not the ones on your feet. Boot issues on your PS4 can lead to power issues. From hearing three beeps but nothing happening to a gut-wrenching popping noise and sparks. We get this is every gamers worst nightmare. At PS4 repairs Brisbane we have seen all types of boot problems and have a solution to them all. Give us a shout and we can get your console back in action. !


Highly experienced professional staff

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and satisfaction. Consoles are our speciality and there are few issues we haven’t come across and fixed in the past. Our experience means your console is in the very best of hands and will be back in your lounge room working beautifully in next to no time. From knowing error codes inside out to being able to listen to a disk drive to discover what is wrong, we know consoles.


Repair warranty

We are proud to be one of the Brisbanes only console repair businesses and we are so confident in our knowledge and skills that we offer a 1 year repair warranty on any work we do! If this isn’t already enough we also give our customers an exact quote in 30 minutes (most issues can also be repaired in this time!). In the unlikely event we are unable to repair your console we do not charge you a cent.